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Art is everywhere. Don’t step in the art.

Art Avenue explores art as it relates to the human experience. Art is a passport to life, a triptych of beauty, symbolism, and encryption of meaning.

Art poses a mystery to many. What purpose does it serve? Of course, whoever is asking that question won’t find the answer until about fifteen minutes before they expire. Art is simply what it claims to be: a way of being. It is no slave to action. Discovering that you are in fact quite blind is an eye-opener. When we experience something someone has created we have stepped into a foreign country and smelled the sights and sounds at first strange, and then horrific or tantalizing. It is new. We need help to see with new eyes. We call upon the artist for assistance. But it might take a while to become fluent in the local dialect.

That is the purpose of this website.

The images on Art Avenue are from original works of art or photography. To inquire about purchase of original works, please contact us. To get a work of art that is affordable, click on any of the images and follow the links. You may order prints, posters, note cards, or just send a free e-card.


fragment from encaustic work by Elizabeth Luallen

fragment from Endless Summer work by Elizabeth Luallen

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