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How do I buy prints or other printed products with my favorite picture on it?

When you click on the image of your choice you will go to our online gallery. When you mouse over the image,  an overlay will appear that allows you to ‘buy print’ “buy card,” “download”, or send an “eCard.”

buying prints of art or photography

using FOTOMOTO to buy prints

You may then select from a number of different printing formats such as Prints, posters, metal, canvas, and cards. You may also request infomration regarding downloading a high resolution file for personal or commercial use. Last but not least, it’s fun and free to select eCard to share the image with someone by email. Please be sure you have selected the prints or products you prefer.


Selecting desired format

FOTOMOTO will help you order a beautiufl print or poster


If I order a print, can I get a refund?

Yes! We provide to printer only the highest resolution quality files possible and work with only the choicest of vendors. So, quality is assured. Once you have decided on the image and product of your choice, and have paid, we cannot alter your selection unless you notify us by email immediately, that is within 3-4 business hours Pacific Standard Time. While we cannot guarantee a refund as fulfillment of your order is instantaneous our primary goal is your satisfaction.


I ordered a card but the edge of the picture got cut off. What happened?

Please note that there is a 1/10″ (.10 of an inch) bleed.  Bleed is a printer’s term to explain the amount of edge of a card that will be trimmed off, even though some of the image may occupy that region. So 1/10 of an inch  will be trimmed off each side of your card. Please keep this in mind when ordering your cards, since any text (or people’s heads, etc.) that are near the edge of the image will be cut off. It is possible to crop and edit the image to fit the way you want it to appear when printed during the ordering process.


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