How to Build Your Own Stargate

sculpture by Pete Welty

Stargate by Pete Welty, sculptor, Orcas Island, Washington.

A stargate is a location where the energy of a star is squeezed into a space you can walk through. You’re not squashed because there is no mass in the opening, only the energy that would exist if there were mass. There is no mass because there is no time in which the mass could exist. This compresses dimensions closely together into the dimension in which the stargate is located, so that when you walk though, you walk ‘around’ time rather than through time. Time is distance. Once you figure that out, the rest is easy.

There are many naturally occurring stargates on Earth as well as other locations on other planets and spots literally in the middle of nowhere. They open and close at different times so you have to be ready to go otherwise you’re stuck, unless you can artificially create the conditions that will open the gate to a particular location. This can be done with sound frequency if you have an atmosphere, but you have to wait until the right  moment. If you can’t wait around for the conditions to be right, It is helpful to have a huge power cord with an insane concentration of electromagnetic energy to open the door.

Dimensions co-exist under a respiration of sorts, basically breathing in and out. These orificies are what we call ‘stargates,’ or simply ‘stars.’You see, the universe of many dimensions is the ultimate organism, and it breathes. So, when the dimensions collapse you travel into the first dimension where all points are one point. Then you pass back up into either a third dimensional realm somewhere else and voila – you’ve arrived. (And when you do, you’d be surprised who you might meet coming the other way.) Now, you’ll be somewhere else in time because time is space. Forget about space as it’s just one of the many versions of time; Space is the way Time is expressed in the third dimention.

Okay, I think we’ve gone far enough. Let’s just stop right there.

sculpture by Pete Welty

upon closer inspection….

This is what good sculpture does. It compels us to create an explanation for it. It exists with such an inevitability that it just has to make sense. And if it doesn’t, the rest is up to us. Sculpture is the sparkplug of imagination. It’s not there to tell you anything but to pose the question in a new and sparkling way, prompting you to answer. You finally realize it’s not solving the mystery that matters, it’s the mystery alone that matters.

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